5 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

By Winnie Moore •  Updated: 10/13/21 •  13 min read

5 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

5 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

Having hard water run through your pipes and fittings at home can have corrosive effects on your faucets. If you live in a hard water region,  you will notice the stains of hard water on your home’s faucets as well as your kitchen sink. Hard water causes metals to rust fast after buildups resulting in clogging of the faucet head or outlet. Therefore,  the best kitchen faucets for hard water should be well constructed to resist rust from the buildup caused by the minerals in hard water.

It is important to note that kitchen faucets are not something you are likely to keep changing regularly. It is therefore essential that you choose the right faucet the very first time. Choosing the right faucet for hard water can be a very daunting task if you don’t have the right information.


This is because all kitchen faucets have specific peculiarities, advantages, and downsides. To help you with choosing the right faucet, we have put this article together. This article includes a buyer’s guide, reviews of some of the best kitchen faucets for hard water and some frequently asked questions many buyers have about buying kitchen faucets for hard water.

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Using a Hard Water Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets designed specifically from hardware come with some benefits purposely meant to increase the efficiency and usage of water in the kitchen. Let’s go through some of the benefits.

Prevents Hard Water Residues

Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium known to cause build-ups that turn to residue and eventually stain the sink. It is a lot of work when it comes to removing these build-ups. However, having the right kitchen faucet installed will avoid all these issues.  Faucets specifically designed for hard water are constructed to resist the stains caused by hard water minerals for a long period of time

Prevents Hard Water Stains & Rust

After some period of time, hard water stains can become rust and this will destroy the decor and design of your kitchen faucet making your entire kitchen appear to be ugly.

Damage Control From Hard Water

Hard Water can cause serious damages to your kitchen faucet due to build-ups, blockage and stains beyond recovery. These can lead to leakages in the faucet. A kitchen faucet specifically designed for hard water should be able to prevent all these possible damages to help save you the costs of repairs and buying cleaning products.

Reviews Of The Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

1.  Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts


Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen faucet comes with a spray head that allows you to use the faucet in different ways. For heavy cleaning, the sweep spray creates a forceful spray to see to the easy cleaning of things.

It also comes with the Barry soft which is a light spray mostly used for cleaning activities like washing hands, fruits and vegetables.

To ensure that the magnetic docking system located at the spout securely locks the spray When it is not in use, Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen faucet features the DockNetik.

This faucet uses the ProMotion technologies. This technology combines a swivelling ball joint with a braided hose. This makes the hose not to kink or tangle while in use.

You can easily clean the surface of this faucet  and be able to get rid of hard water build-ups as Kohler offers  a master spray face feature to make this possible.

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen faucet is resistant to rust as it has a vibrant stainless steel finish and is built with metal material. This ensures that the faucet really deals with hard water and is very durable.

The Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen faucet is not a multipurpose faucet but a hard water faucet. It is covered by a  limited lifetime warranty from Kohler and  It guarantees quality and durability.


  • Premium Finish which is corrosion resistant
  • Comes with a three Function Spray Head
  • Very durable
  • Features a 360 degrees swivel spout
  • Flexible pull-down faucet


  • Pricey.

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2. Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet comes in a modern and simple  design and as such, it is able to fit in all kitchen types whether it is commercial or household.

The  Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet is a durable kitchen faucet and it comes with top-notch  features like a high-performance/low flow Neoperl Aerator.

This kitchen faucet is able to reduce water wastage and it’s nozzles are also easy to clean.

For easy access to the sink, Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet comes with a heavy-duty double-spring design in addition to the dual function spray with a stream sprayer.

This dual spray system is able to switch between aerated stream and powerful spray by using a push-button.

You don’t have to worry about issues with temperature control and flow of water as this faucet is built as a single lever design.

When it comes to its construction, this faucet has finishes of both stainless  steel and chrome and it is made of metal.

Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet is highly rust-resistant and space to work around the sink area due to its height.


  • Durable – entire body is made of metal
  • Aerator – helps to reduce water usage
  • Powerful pre-rinse spray perfect for washing dishes and cookware


  • Pricey

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3. Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST Cassidy

Delta as a brand consists of years of experience in the manufacturing of bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets. Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST Cassidy is able to reduce leak points and can last meeting than the industry standard thanks to the popular Diamond seal technology.

When it comes to lime and calcium buildup, Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST Cassidy comes with touch clean spray holes that allows the user to quickly wipe away such buildups with a touch of a finger. The Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST Cassidy is designed to fit a single hole or three holes and as such, it’s easy to install.

Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST Cassidy has a Venetian  finish and it is designed with a brass material.  It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You will be able to use hard water with maximum flexibility and ease once you install this faucet. It comes with an excellent technology that allows you to control the faucet by just touching the faucet to open and close.


  • Easy to clean
  • Diamond seal technology- helps to reduce water wastage.
  • Flexible pull-down faucet


  • Pricey

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4. Kraus KPF-1610SFS Kitchen Faucet

This is another good kitchen  faucet from Kraus.  The KPF-1610SFS comes with tons of features and delivers exceptional results.

To start, Kraus KPF-1610SFS features a dual function steam and spray pull-down spray head. This faucet guarantees safety usage in the household and this is because it is lead-free.

The lever handle of this kitchen faucet is designed for flow and splash-free temperature control. This splash-free single-lever flow control system is highly durable.

To ensure that the Kraus KPF-1610SFS is drip-free , is long lasting and is very reliable in the kitchen, it features a Sedal Cartridge. You can easily have access to the kitchen sink thanks to the stream sprayer of 360° it comes with. The  Kraus KPF-1610SFS is a good and powerful kitchen faucet that comes with many great features and it is very durable.


  • Ces at at good price point
  • Stainless steel finish- rust and corrosion resistant
  • Powerful pre-rinse spray- Good for washing dishes and cookware


  • Slightly harder to clean

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5. Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto

Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto is perfect for hard water and it is a modern kitchen faucet. It helps to reduce water wastage without necessarily reducing the pressure. It comes with a rubber nozzle which prevents Hard Water buildup and as such, it is perfect for hard water usage.

The Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto comes with a lever metal handle to ensure the flow control and splash-free temperature of the faucet. It features a pull-down sprayer head which is designed to allow the user to easily switch between spray  and aerated streams.

The Oletto series comes with a high arc spout swivels of 360 degrees to purposely give users  complete access to the sink in addition the kitchen this, Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto with the kitchen ultra-durable Kerox ceramic cartridge to help reduce lifelong drip-free usage. Kraus KPF-2620SS Modern Oletto is with a QuickDock mounting assembly for easy top mount installation.


  • Durable All metal body
  • Flexible pull out spray
  • Aerator – To help water wastage and add water pressure


  • Faucet easily rotates

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

One of the most important decisions you have to make is buying a kitchen faucet whether you are remodeling your old kitchen or you’re just furnishing a new home. Kitchen faucets are used on a daily basis and in some cases,  multiple times in a day. This means the wrong choice will cause a lot of problems. This section looks at factors you have to consider when choosing the best kitchen faucet for hard water.


Hard water is naturally corrosive due to its high content of chlorine and salt. Aside from this, other organisms also cause corrosions in faucets.

These corrosive elements cause buildups leading to the eventual wear out of the faucet. It is important that you go in for a kitchen faucet that is highly durable and can withstand hard water for a long period of time.

Consider the style and shape

It’s important that one of the first things you consider is the style and shape of the kitchen faucet.

This is because many faucets come in varying styles and shapes.  Make sure you familiarise yourself with the various options available on the market as well as their pros and cons.

Your existing kitchen fixtures

Your current kitchen configurations must clearly align with the shape,  style and type of kitchen faucet you purchase. In addition to this, you must consider the size of your sink, the size of existing hoses and the space in your kitchen.

Ease of use and control of water

It’s important that you save on your bills and minimize water wastage and for this, it is good to go in for a kitchen faucet that you can control how water is discharged from it and it’s easy to use.

Some faucets are difficult to control and as such, may lead to huge water bills and losses all associated with control problems.

Ability to multifunction

You should always go in for faucets that come with multiple functionalities.

For example,  most modern kitchens come with 2 sinks and as such, you need to consider having a faucet that can be pulled between the two adjacent sinks easily.

Another feature of a multi-functional kitchen faucet is its ability to discharge cold water, hot water and a mixture of both with two control points.  The regulation of the flow of water should be very flexible and easy.

Ease of cleaning

It’s important that you opt-in for a faucet that will be easy to clean at all times. Keeping your faucets clean at all times will ensure that they last for a long time.

Compatibility with other brands

You may need to change from one brand of kitchen faucet to another at some point depending on your new preferences. When this happens, you need to go in for a faucet that can easily fit with other brands.

This is to ensure that you don’t end up incurring additional costs on changing the entire water system in your kitchen just because your faucet is not compatible with your old one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the best kitchen faucets for hard water?

Using kitchen faucets for hard water comes with numerous advantages.  The minerals that cause water to be hard prevent the normal flow of water and as such, this type of faucet is able to remove these minerals and keep the normal flow of water.

You also don’t have to worry about cleaning the faucet after every use and the temperature of the water will always stay under control. You can use it for a long period of time hence, save money.

What Are The Problems Of Hard Water? Why Need To Choose The Best Faucet For Hard Water?

It’s either you are supplied with hard water or soft water in your area. Hard water can destroy your plumbing and appliances by causing buildups in them and reducing their efficiency.  You need to choose the best faucet for hard water to prevent stains, water spots, and rust.

Can I select the Want type of faucet can I select without thinking about water flow with pressure?

Kitchen-based activities require a lot of water therefore, a pull-out faucet can be the best choice. It will give you more room to complete your work with maximum flexibility.

How To Avoid Corrosion On The Faucet?

Corrosion is very easy to prevent but difficult to remove. If you know the model and brand of your faucet,  carefully read the instructions to know how to prevent it from corrosion.


If you have hard water and are tired of the residue, Inverallochy deposits, and constant take to the plumber, then we believe this guide will be very useful to you. There is always a faucet perfect for you and your needs. The kitchen Faucets Reviewed above are some of the most reliable kitchen faucets for hard water.